Plex Media Server Management

Plex Media Server (PMS)Management

What next after you install Plex Media Server (if you have not goto here)? Answer of this question is very straight forward. Plex has very straight forward setup and very good web management system.

Goto browser and type

[your server id]:32400/web

OR if you are using same computer as server as well as client then

This should show you a web interface to manage your contain (see image 1.1).

PMS Web Managment
Image 1.1 – Plex Media Server (PMS) Web Manager
PMS Web Managment
Image 1.2 – Plex Media Server (PMS) Client – Refocus for plex back to blue edition theme

I already have three media section in my library and lots of plugins. I will show you how you can setup these library sections later. For now, copy all you media files to server and place in particular folder.

For example,

I have a movie called “Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal” (it does not matter which format it is). You need to name it like this

[Movie Name]([published year]).[file extension]
Samurai X – Trust and Betrayal (1999).mkv

Naming file correctly will help Plex to get media detail quickly. And if you have sub title you can use same format and put both file in same folder.

Now for TV Series where there are lots of episodes you have to following simple naming rule like above.

[TV Series Name][Season Number][Episode Number].[file extension]
Boys Over Flowers – S01E01.avi

This is when you have a episode with single files. Note: S01 is Season 1 and E01 is Episode 1

Boys Over Flowers – S01E01-S01E03.avi

This is when you have multi episodes in one file. In here I have episode 1 – 3 in one file.

Boys Over Flowers – S00E01

This is when you have special episodes. It goes to Season 0.

You can download Filebot (link) to change all episodes name with easy.

All the media files should be with in the reach of Plex media server. For example, plex cannot connect to remote server to get file or in cloud. So what ever media file you have its best to keep in server. After you copied media files go back to web interface (image 1.1).

Click on plus button below my library label in image 1.1 is on right of TV Shows. It will give you option to select different types of media, like Movie, TV Shows, Music, Photo, Home Movies. Select what your media is and then select folder.

After than depending on number of videos, sit back and relax as plex will find all the details that you need automatically.

Download Plex client (For Mac & Windows here its free! )(For iOS & Android you need to goto either app store or Google play and it is not free apps) to view contain.

Note: if you are anime fan like me I would recommend you use AniDB as agent when you create a section for Anime.

First of all, download AniDB agent (download) after this unzip it and copy that to

/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

after this you might need to restart PMS.

Now to create anime section,

  1. Click on “+”  plus sign
  2. Select TV Shows select the path (anime folder)
  3. Click on show advance option, under Agent drop down menu select AniDB.
  4. Done
  5. Next you need to register at (its free)
  6. Again go to manage -> Settings
  7. Click on Agents ->TV Shows  ->AniDB
  8. Click on AniDB Settings -> Enter your name and password
  9. Done.

Refresh that section and all the detail will be downloaded from .

To change your PMC themes, For windows user: Download Plex Skin Manage (here) / For Mac user: Preen Skin Manage (here)
 End of Plex Media Server (PMS)Management

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