My Top 5 Applications List

Frequently Use Application

Application that I frequently use  [Sorry I use Mac OS + Elementary os so I have got nothing for windows user (what windows user can do is find the alternative application (good source : ) ]

 1. Alfre
Image 1.1 – Alfre

This is a Mac Software and comes under utility software (its a user experience enhancement app) and I think in my view is the quickest way to launch app without using mouse or touch pad best of all its free  🙂 . Just shortcuts + application name -> launch. simple as that. Once you get use to with this app I bet you will never want to launch application from application folder or even from dock!. 😀

For more information go here (link)

 2. Google Chrome (Web application OR Web apps)
Image 1.2 – Google Chrome

While I run Google Chrome a lot its now what I use most. Its web application that I use most [Internet 🙂 ] , in other word its just a best gate way or medium to use web application out there. Chrome is based on Open Source application Chromium and is supported by Google and its free too.

I use internet for many purpose so customising the browser is must for me. While Google Chrome have these like creating application shortcuts for web app it does not work in Mac because of application restriction in Mac OS [it only works in Windows and Linux System]. But even if you have option to create a shorts for your web apps  you can’t customise according to your web apps rather you customise your browser which I think is disadvantage of Google Chrome and I don’t think there are any other browser which will allow us to do that either (or I don’t about such browser).

But there is work around for such thing (Sorry its only for Mac user).

For Mac user: To make Google Chrome application user this script (download), You will need to download a suitable icon for each app. Good source of icon can be found here.

Now option key + space, this will go to search bar, type terminal and enter. Then run

 sh /path/to/script/
NoticeNote: I found this script on web so I don’t know who wrote this script. No credit taken!

This will create a web app in application folder and you can customise it accrodingly like installing necessary extension.

NoticeNote: if you don’t want to transfer all the settings from your old browser don’t use google chrome sync

The only downside of doing this is it will take some space but I don’t think its a issue any more 🙂 . From here its up to you to create what ever web app link you want! (my favorites web apps are CodeAcademy, Feedly, Stumbleupon, Grooveshark, Gmail, Lumosity, Facebook  and WordPress). You can even use this to use for Openmediavault web management and Plex Web management.

For more information (here)

 3. Cyberduck
Image 1.3 – Cyberduck

Cyberduck is application that I use to connect a remote server. It supports SSH, FTP, WebDAV (HTTP/SSL), Google Drive, S3 -Amazon and much more. This application also runs in windows system too. It has good User Interface and easy use. Again, best of all its open source and its free.

For more information & download (link)

 4. BetterTouch Tool
BetterTouch Tool
Image 1.4 – BetterTouch Tool

BetterTouch Tool is a utility application. It enhance user experience. This will give you feature that can be found in KDE / Gnome and even Windows Desktop Environment. It gives your option like custom shortcuts for windows size (see image 1.5). This application can utility the your multi touch touch pad as well as keyboard shortcuts and its free.

BTT - Windows
Image 1.5 – BetterTouch Tool Preview

For more information & download (link)

 5. Onyx
Image 1.6 – Onyx

Onyx is a all in one Mac os utility application. This application does many things to make your Mac os as healthy as possible. Fix disk problem, refresh index and enable/disable hidden attributes of Mac os. And its free application.

For more information & download (link)

End of Frequently Use Application

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