Openmediavault + Remote Access

OpenMediaVault (OMV) + Remote Access

Openmediavault (OMV) is a headless Debian based server. It has very functional and beautiful web interface for server management (see image 1.1). The web interface by default can only be accesses within local network but there is a work around to access this interface outside of local network too.

Image 1.1 – OpenMediaVault (OVM) Web Interface

As OVM default web interface runs in 80 port, the easiest way to access remotely is by opening TCP port 80 in your router. Only downside of this is you have to have static public ip. If you are in UK and have a virgin media as ISP then you are in luck as for some reason they have static ip. I found this true to BT too. I am not sure in other country. To find your public ip go to here. It says external ip in their website.

Now all you need to do is open TCP port 80 in your router. Please refer to your router manual as I can’t possible explain How To’s for every router out there. The basic principle is you need to portforward 80 to your local server IP.

NoticeNote: For security reason you can change OMV port 80 to something else like 8080 but before you change it check if that port is used by other service in your server or not.

Connect to your server by SSH client then run this command in terminal to check that

netstat -lnptu

After you have open the port in router, goto browser type (without square bracket, port number by default will be 80 but if you have change it then you have to put your port accordingly. like example, if have not change the port then just type

[http://Your Public ip]:[port number]

There are other option to access web interface too but its bit long. Like installing VPN service. If you want to go ahead with this service then follow these steps.

For VPN, try OpenVPN-as its really easy to setup. Only downside is, it allows only 2 users at a time for free license. For more user you need to buy license.

First download deb files, run these command,

For x86

OR For x64

Even if it say Ubuntu in its file name it will work in OMV.  Now we need to install deb file.

NoticeNote: If you have not got wget command then first run apt-get install wget.

For x86

dpkg -i openvpn-as-1.8.4-Ubuntu10.i386.deb

OR For x64

dpkg -i openvpn-as-1.8.4-Ubuntu10.amd_64.deb

For installation, it will create a user called openvpn. To access Openvpn web interface we need to use this username and password.

To create new password. Run

passwd openvpn

Then enter your new password for that account. Now to access Openvpn web interface you need your server ip and user name / password.

Now goto to your browser and type

[your server ip]:443/admin

It will get  you warning, its normal. just ignore it and enter username openvpn and your password.

Finally, you have to now open port in your router.

[Open port TCP 443 and UDP 1194]

On client computer, you need to download openvpn client application. When you try to access

[public ip:443]

It will ask you to download and install appropriate client setup file. Download and install it. And you can use that application to  access your server.

The advantage of Openvpn is that you can now not only have access to your OVM web interface but whole network.

For more information go here

End of OpenMediaVault (OMV) + Remote Access

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