SSL Certificate for Sickbeard, Couchpotato and deluge in OMV

Installation –  SSL Certificate for Sickbeard, Couchpotato and deluge in OMV 

Currently I am using OMV 0.5.45 (Sardaukar) and forked version of Sickbeard (alpha tpb), Couchpotato (b69f8b7e) and deluge 1.3.6.

In OMV, there is an easy way to create SSL Certificate that can be used in Sickbeard, Couchpotato and deluge.

– [ Start PreparatioN ] –

First login to OMV and at left hand side,

click on Certificates under System.


Add >> Create

Image 1.1 – OMV Certificates

Image 1.2 – Create Certificates

Fill in the relevant details and save (see image 1.3).

Image 1.3 – Fill in Detail
Image 1.4 – SSL Certificate

Again, click on list and change comment to something useful (see image 1.4).

NoticeNote: the common name should be your ip or domain name.
– [ Creating KEy files ] –

Now copy & past of the Private Key content in a text pad and save it as private.key and do same thing for Certificate and save it as certificate.crt

Image 2.1 – Key

Image 2.2 – Certificate

Now copy these file in your server and place it somewhere safe. For example, /etc/myky

mkdir /etc/myky
chmod 700 /etc/myky
copy file >> /etc/myky
– [ Configure SickBeard / Couchpotato / Deluge ] –
– [ Sickbeard –

Go General and web interface

Setting >> General >> Web Interface

Enable HTTPS and enter the path for certificate and private key


Now save it and restart the sickbeard

– [ Couchpotato] –
Setting >> General >> Show advanced settings

enter the path and restart couchpotato

– [ Deluge ] –
Preference >> Interface >> Use SSL

And restart the daemon


Image 3.1 – Sickbeard Settings

Image 3.2 – Couchpotato

Image 3.3 – Deluge setting
NoticeNote: Using SSL in deluge cause problem with sickbeard so you might need to use black hole for this setup. Use https://yourip to access the web interface.
– [ END Configure SickBeard / Couchpotato / Deluge ] –
– [ End SickBeard ] –

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