Tightvnc Server + jDownloader in Openmediavault

Tightvnc Server + jDownloader in Openmediavault (debian) Tightvnc server is very useful for remote management. This can be implemented in both with head/headless operating system (Debian / Openmediavault ).  Please go here to find out how you can install LXDE / Tightvnc server in Openmedivault. jDownload is a java base platform independent downloader. It can download normal files as […]

Remote Server Access (LXDE + VNC)

LXDE Desktop + VNC For Remote Server Access – Debian LXDE Desktop is very light weight desktop environment for linux. For more information goto here. The main reason I choose this desktop environment is because of its simplicity as well as light weight desktop environment. LXDE will provide all the functionality with clean interface for […]